Let’s go to Merkaz Ha’ir, the Israeli life in its natural state.

Right in the center of Tel Aviv, Merkaz Ha’ir is also the home of various administrations, cultural institutions (Art Museum, Israel Opera, City Library), and great stores. This neighborhood is popular among tourists mainly because of its location, close to everywhere: the beach, the bar and restaurants, and the shopping places.

Marked out by the sea in the west, by Menachem Begin in the east, stretched between Bograshov and Arlozorov streets, Dizengof definitely Merkaz Ha’ir’s magnetic center. Fashionistas, young foreign people, party animals, and families: all of the energy of the neighborhood expresses itself there!

In the last few years, Dizengof Street has become Tel Aviv’s shopping temple and for that matter, it puts its competitor Sheinkin Street in the shade: shopping malls, multi-brand and bridal stores share top billing with each other! If you’re thirsty, hungry or cannot wait to party, you have plenty of choices, for any styles: cold beers for those who want to chill after work, cocktails and tapas for the most fancy night birds, or both for the crazy ones!

Dizengof Street is always renewing itself, so it’s impossible to get bored!

Anyways, you cannot miss Kikar Dizengof (Dizengof Square) whose icon is the kinetic piece of art of the Israeli sculptor Yaacov Agam: The Fire and Water Fountain. As a meeting point, you cannot dream better!

Besides Dizengoff Square, there is in Merkaz Ha’ir Kikar Rabin, the most symbolic place of Tel Aviv. Usually empty, it holds thousands of persons when commemorating (Yom Hazikaron), demonstrating and attending political or cultural events.

Renting an apartment in Merkaz Ha’ir?

An apartment rental in Merkaz Ha’ir offers the proximity to all of your favorite spots. The beach? Dizengof Center? Sarona Market? Habima Square? The Opera? The Art Museum? Only count 15 minutes by feet!

An apartment in Merkaz Ha’ir for the holidays in Tel Aviv is the occasion to live all of Tel Aviv’s facets one hundred percent.