There is one neighborhood that has never changed in Tel Aviv: the Kerem Hateimanim!

Built more than one century ago by the Yemenite immigrants (‘Hateimanim’ means ‘the Yemenite people’), it’s one of the last authentic treasures of Tel Aviv. Intact, it escaped from the current development that impacted the city. Buildings no higher than 3 floors, car-free paved streets: it’s a pure pleasure to wander there.

Between the Nachalat Benyamin street and the Shuk Hakarmel, Tel Aviv’s most popular market, and the back alleys around, the urban explorer does not know which way to turn.

On Nachalat Benyamin, the fabric stores endlessly follow each other and if you’re into tailor-made clothes, you are at the right place! The crafts fair happening there on the Tuesdays and Fridays is also a must-do. But the star of the neighborhood remains the Shuk Hakarmel where you can always feel the happy and musical atmosphere. It’s common to see root vegetables sellers dancing and singing on disco music: the weekend starts now!

Buzzing during the day, quieter on the evening, the Kerem Hateimanim is a space where time has frozen. Despite the basic decoration of the restaurants, their homemade dishes are delicious and cheap. If you don’t know what to choose between grilled meat, hummus, Yemenite specialties such as the Marak Teimani (Yemenite Soup), or the Jachnun, simply order them all!

Lately, the Kerem Hateimanim gets to know a revival. Bars, coffee shops or decoration boutiques opened their doors, letting the new generation take over softly. Shakshuka Bar, Meat Market, Cafe Yom Tov and Beer Bazar are part of those new trendy places in which the simple spirit and the culture of the old neighborhood are still breathing.

Renting an apartment in the Kerem Hateimanim?

It’s good to live in the Kerem. A apartment rental in the neighborhood offers the perfect location: only 5 minutes from the beach and the Hakarmel market, 10 minutes from the Dizengof Center or from Neve Tsedek, it’s the best option to be located next to the shopping, entertainment or nightlife places, in a calm environment.

An apartment in the Kerem Hateimanim, it’s above all a peace haven in the middle of the vibrant Tel Aviv.