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5 free activities to do in Tel Aviv

No need to spend a single shekel to enjoy the most out of Tel Aviv! Some of the best activities of the city don’t require you to take your wallet out. Just go outside and follow our guide…

11/01/2017, 244

5 good reasons to travel to Tel Aviv in the fall

With hot temperatures day and night, parties around the clock, its vibrant life, and crowded beaches, Tel Aviv is the ultimate summer destination! But the city does not get dull after the month of August, far from it! If you plan to visit it in the fall, you still have surprises in store: here are 5 good reasons why we love Tel Aviv in the fall.

11/01/2017, 2

5 ways to feel the Vibe of Rosh Hashanah in Tel Aviv

Rosh Hashanah is just around the corner! And like New Year celebrations in western countries, this important Jewish holiday goes with joy, gatherings… And food!

If you are in Tel Aviv in September, here is how you can feel the vibe of the Jewish New Year:

09/11/2017, 3


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