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Feel the unique experience of Jaffa with this splendid duplex located in the flea market area. On the top of a Ottoman-style building beautifully renovated, you will enjoy the modern fourniture and the refined decoration as well as the huge terrace.

CITYHOME SERVICES - included in the price –

+ Household : Cityhome give a special attention to the cleaning. Our team of professionals has been formed to give you a high quality service. For any additional cleaning request during your stay do not hesitate to contact us !

+ Linen : Sheets, pillowcases, bath towels and beach towels are provided.

+ Hotline Cityhome : Our team is reachable and ready to assist you during your stay.

+ Baby friendly : A cot and a baby chair are at your disposal in the apartment.



+ Night check-in / Shabbat / Bank holidays : From Sunday to Thursday after 8:00 Pm, on Friday after 6:00 Pm, all Saturday and on bank holidays, an additional 150 ILS has to be paid.

+ Electricity : A consumption of 100 Shekels per week (about 169 Kilowatts) is included in the rental price. A meter reading will be taken on arrival and departure. Extra use will be charged up to 0.59 kilowatt Shekel per Kilowatts

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About this neighbourhood

Welcome to Yafo! More like a little city than a neighborhood, Yafo whose port is one of the oldest in the world is the biblical city from which the modern Tel Aviv got built. A stay in Yafo is first

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Price Information
Price per night from 10/02/2019 to 12/04/2019: 760 ILS
Discount from -10.00 % for bookings over 5 days
Discount from -15.00 % for bookings over 14 days
Discount from -25.00 % for bookings over 30 days
Address: Israel, Tel Aviv - Jaffa, Jaffa Rue Olei Zion 30
Neighbourhood: Jaffa
City: Tel Aviv,
Security Box
3 Individual Beds
1 Double Sofa Beds
2 Bathroom With Shower
Hair Dryer
1 Kitchens
Juice Squeezer
Electric Kettle
1 Televisions



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