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Experience Tel-Aviv the novel way

5 ways to feel the Vibe of Rosh Hashanah in Tel Aviv

Rosh Hashanah is just around the corner! And like New Year celebrations in western countries, this important Jewish holiday goes with joy, gatherings… And food!

If you are in Tel Aviv in September, here is how you can feel the vibe of the Jewish New Year:

09/11/2017 Category: loisir art de vivre 194 Comments

Israeli destinations up north less than 2 hours away from Tel Aviv

If you love Tel Aviv, you will have to leave it. It works this way: when you will be back, you will love it even more! Plus, Israel is a small country full of amazing sceneries; it would be a crime not enjoying it, knowing that most of the best spots are less than two hours away from the White City. You don’t know where to start? Head up north…

09/11/2017 Category: art de vivre 386 Comments

5 Israeli alternatives to falafel in Tel Aviv

Street food is very popular in Tel Aviv. Cheap, easy, and healthy, it is also super tasty! Discover 5 authentic spots in the city to eat on the run.


08/14/2017 Category: art de vivre restauration 560 Comments