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15 reasons why we love Tel Aviv during summer

Published on 08/14/2017 by CityHome TLV

Every person who set a foot in Tel Aviv immediately falls in love. There is obviously something in the air but we can already tell you that the high temperatures, the amazing food and the crazy nightlife are part of the equation. We tried to solve it and here are the main reasons why we love Tel Aviv during summer.


  1. Cold coffees (our teas) to drink at any hour of the day

It is a fact: Israeli people know how to make coffee. Whether it is a frappe-like coffee or an espresso shot (with milk or not) poured on ice, you cannot go wrong with either if you want to cool down. If you are not a coffee lover, try ice tea, always coming with mint leaves and lemon slices.  

  1. Fresh limonana

“National” drink, you will find this alternative to cold coffees and teas on any menu!

Limonana is lemonade coming with mint leaves (nana means mint in Hebrew).

  1. Watermelon (with feta cheese!) on the beach

Summer symbol in Israel, watermelon is even better when served with Bulgarian cheese. Its salty taste and soft texture blend perfectly with the fresh fruit! Order a watermelon on the beach and forget all your problems!

  1. Tapas bars

Where else in the world can you have a drink and share tasty and small plates with your? Do not think too much and come live the experience at one of Tel Aviv rooftop and cocktail bars.

  1. Going out at night wearing flip-flop sandals

Unlike western cities like Paris or New York, you do not have to be super-fancy when going out. Simply jump in your favorite cool shorts and put on your flip-flop sandals shoes: the night starts now…!

  1. Air conditioning

During summer, air conditioning (mazgan in Hebrew) is like a blessing in Tel Aviv. A piece of advice: do not feel guilty if you want to enter a shop just because air conditioning is on!

  1. Juice kiosks everywhere

Carrot-apple-ginger-celery, mango-litchi-strawberry, mango-passion fruit-banana: there are no limits to your dream juice!

  1. Supermarkets (and drugstores) open around the clock

A crave for chocolate in the middle of the night? A lot of drugstores in Tel Aviv are open 24/7. And if you need pastas after a long clubbing night, stop at the am-pm before going back home.

  1. Parties all the time!

For that matter, Tel Aviv promises you long nights but also offers thousands of possibilities during the day: festivals, pool and afternoon parties, open-air concerts, etc.

  1. Shuk Hapishpishim

Bargaining at Yafo flea market is one-of-a-kind experience! Get yourself some small treasures at cheap prices and feel proud!

  1. Wi-Fi everywhere

No need to buy a special phone package: in Tel Aviv, Wi-Fi is everywhere! Life is simpler to anyone who would like to plan, from the beach, the upcoming evening!

  1. Walking everywhere

Cute cats around the corner, captivating street-art in south Tel Aviv, hidden spots in the Kerem Hateimanim: this is what you can discover by treading upon the city’s ground!

  1. Israeli Breakfasts

Two eggs, a fresh salad, a few cheeses, bread, butter and jam, granola and yogurt, a coffee and a juice: share an Israeli breakfast (enough for two) with your travel buddy and you are ready to go!

  1. Sunset on the beach

You actually just need to see one sunset on the beach to fell in love with Tel Aviv. There are no words to describe the orange-pink-red colors diving into the sea as well as the fresh breeze brushing your face…

  1. Enjoying-the-moment attitude

Israeli people definitely know how to enjoy the present moment! Keep this in mind and you will experience the best summer of your life!

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