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5 original experiences in Tel Aviv

Published on 02/05/2018 by admin

Beach, checked; swimming pool, checked; shopping, checked; sport session, checked; Carmel market, checked… And today, you refuse to go round and round in circles! You want to experience something you have never seen or done in Tel Aviv. In the city that never sleeps, there is always a new activity to try out. Stay with us and check them all! If you want to live, feel, love or laugh in Tel Aviv, we recommend you these original activities:

See the country from a hot-air balloon

Green land, hills and valleys, small villages, historical and biblical sites: enjoy breathtaking views while discovering the country from a new point of view. Share with your travelling buddies or your lover an unforgettable experience, standing in a basket suspended by a balloon, 1 kilometer above the earth. Wake up at 3 am, take your car and drive one hour. When the sun rises, be ready to enter the hot-air balloon: you will just have to follow the instructions; the pilot and the wind take care of the rest...

Find more information here

Solve an enigma in an escape room

Escape room can be a fun alternative to an umpteenth coffee with your friends or a good option if you want to escape your apartment on a rainy day. From the world of Alice in Wonderland or the time of Prohibition, to the Russian jails or Broadway shows, loose yourself in places and times to solve mysteries and get out of the room in less than one hour.

Check Questomania, an English-friendly place, located 5 minutes from Rothschild.

Discover young talents at a comedy show

Do you want to relax after a long day exploring the city? We have what you need: a night at a comedy club. And don’t worry, a few venues in Tel Aviv usually host one English-speaking show a week. On Sunday, head to Jessica Bar and on Tuesday, it happens at Le Zvulun, a new bar that hosts also jam sessions (be sure to check their Facebook page to book seats).  

Play video games in virtual reality

Fight zombies, save a cat on top of a Skyscraper, immerse into the world of an artist, exactly as if it was real. You will feel all sorts of emotions, and in the end, you won’t believe it was just virtual reality! Book a spot online, go to the Arcade on Allenby Street and win the game like a champion!

Have dinner in the dark

Spend a special night with your lover or a few friends at the BlackOut Restaurant in Yafo. You may know the concept: a (dairy-kosher) restaurant in the total dark where you will experience one-night dinner as a blind person. You have two options: either choose your menu before entering the place or get totally surprised by not choosing. We recommend you the second option: your senses will be triggered and you will feel the world in a totally different way! Only on reservations! Book a table on the website.  

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