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5 romantic spots in Tel Aviv

Published on 02/21/2018 by admin

Time to spend a moment with your lover!

When it comes to Tel Aviv, we always know where to party, where to grab a bite at 3 am, or where to spend the afternoon with our friends. And what about romantic places? Well, they are closer than you think!

The steps on the seafront

The huge steps facing the sea, built a few years ago on the beach, might be the most basic place to hang out with your lover (or date!) but also the easiest to reach, since they go from North to South. Take a blanket (or even a pillow – let’s go crazy!), a picnic or just something to drink and sit comfortably while the sun is going down. Watch the people playing volleyball or getting out of the sea, rest on your lover’s shoulder and feel the love…  

The Bar Yehuda Bridge crossing Hayarkon Park

Hayarkon Park sure is a place for romantic people looking for nature and tranquility. The park offers different spots with peaceful vibes such as the hidden trails surrounded by huge trees or the benches along the river. But if you’re going for a walk with your lover, make a detour to the Bar Yehuda Bridge on Ibn Gvirol Street. There, you will be able to gaze at the river through small heart-shaped holes and to breath the fresh air of the green landscape.

Bialik Fountain

Bialik square is probably the most urban place for lovers in the city. Located in the Lev Ha’ir neighborhood, the square is surrounded by architecture jewels. If you want to fully enjoy the space, avoid going there from 4 to 7 pm, when kids are playing all around. Sit next to the fountain and its fishes, and appreciate the beautiful view, staring at the stars…

Habima’s Hanging Garden

On the cultural square Habima, you certainly have your favorite spots, such as the colorful floral garden or the Sycamore tree. But do you know that if you wander a bit around, you can find a hidden gem, away from the city brouhaha. Welcome to Habima’s Hanging Garden, that you access from Dizengoff Street side. Climb up the stairways and you will find yourself in a magnificent peaceful garden overlooking the square. Old trees and enchanting flowers set the mood for the perfect intimate date!

Hapisga Garden in Jaffa

Meet your lover or your date at this flight of terraces located in the Old Jaffa. Relax, enjoy the beautiful scenery, the palm trees and forget everything: just live the present moment…

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