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5 ways to feel the Vibe of Rosh Hashanah in Tel Aviv

Published on 09/11/2017 by CityHome TLV


Rosh Hashanah is just around the corner! And like New Year celebrations in western countries, this important Jewish holiday goes with joy, gatherings… And food!

If you are in Tel Aviv in September, here is how you can feel the vibe of the Jewish New Year:

Pomegranate everywhere!

Ultimate fruit of September and October, pomegranate means good actions in the language of Rosh Hashanah. You can find if everywhere: at the Shuk Hakarmel, at your local supermarket, inside a fresh salad at the restaurant, or even squeezed in a glass at a juice kiosk. Crunchy, sweet and sour, it is a fun ingredient to add to any recipe or to any juice. Try it: you won’t regret it!


Icon of Rosh Hashanah, honey symbolizes sweetness: the New Year has to be as sweet as honey. If we dip a slice of challah or apple in honey while celebrating Rosh Hashanah, why not do so the following days to keep the vibe? Add to your Israeli breakfast slices of challah and replace the fruits of your muesli with apple only… It’s divine! Or you can mix them all by cooking this apple challah bread pudding!

Participate to Selichot

If you’ve got the religious vibe, you are invited to sing the Selichot, prayers of repentance said before and during the High Holidays such as Rosh Hashanah. On September 16, the International Synagogue in Tel Aviv is holding an event around the Selichot. At 10:30 pm, Rabbi Ariel will talk a bit on the topic “Self-reflection in the age of selfies”, followed by a musical and mystical service at 11 pm.

Listen to the sounds of the Shofar

Shofar is the name of ram’s horn trumpets blasted during Rosh Hashanah in a series of short and long bursts according to a traditional pattern. It is not surprising then, if you hear its sounds from the street or from your apartment, as Rosh Hashanah approaches.   

Celebrate it!

If you can feel the vibe of Rosh Hashanah by eating certain food, singing special prayers or listening to traditional instruments, the best way of feeling it… Is to celebrate it! If you are in Tel Aviv during the Jewish New Year and you don’t have any plans, don’t worry: Tel Aviv is full of friendly places (chabads or synagogues) that welcome newcomers with open arms. Join, for example, the annual Rosh Hashanah dinner hold by Tel Aviv International Synagogue.

Shana Tova!  (Happy New Year!)


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