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Enjoy sport in Tel-Aviv

Published on 07/06/2017 by CityHome TLV


Summer is here… Now is the perfect time to go outside and do exercise! But as a tourist, you don’t really know what are the best options to move yourself. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back: Tel Aviv is full of spaces and facilities dedicated to sports enthusiasts.  Just have a look at this list, go out and follow your instinct!

Running & Cycling

At the crack of dawn or at sunset, it’s always a pleasure to run or cycle along the seaside paths: simply put on your running shoes (or rent a bike), and let the breeze caress your body on the way to the ports of Tel Aviv and Yafo. If you prefer green spaces and love to explore new trails, head to Hayarkon Park: you’ll hear birds instead of waves, and it will be just as much as good!

Beach Sports

Whether you want to relax by the sea doing some yoga at early morning, or you want to play in a volley team, the beach is the place where you can practice almost any sports in Tel Aviv – especially since the municipality has been providing different facilities along the seafront. If you want to blend into the local crowd, try matkots (beach rackets that you’ll find in any beach shop) waterfront.  

Ping-Pong at the Park

Along with a small basketball court and fitness installations, the Gan Meir also offers two Ping-Pong tables.  Simply bring your rackets and a ball, and you’re all set!

Swimming at Gordon’s Pool

Even if the sea offers us a huge space, it’s not the best option when you want to take a dip into calm waters. We truly recommend you to experience Gordon’s Pool, facing Tel Aviv Marina. Palm trees all around, pools of seawater (a 50-meters Olympic pool with fast and slow lanes, a pool for children and those who want to chill, and a small pool for toddlers), sunbeds, and a deck made of wood releasing a relaxing scent: you will definitely feel somewhere else!

The entrance fee is not cheap but the good thing is that you can enter and go out all day long without having to pay twice!

Surfing & Supping (if no waves)

Take a surf course at the southern (Blue Bird, Manta Ray) and northern (Hilton) beaches of the city. If the Mediterranean Sea looks like a lake, this is your opportunity to try Sup (Stand Up Paddleboard), a popular sea sport coming straight from Hawaii to Tel Aviv: you’ll learn a few technics to stand up, move and even do yoga on the board if you want to go further.


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