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Happy Birthday Israel! 5 ways to celebrate Israel’s 70 years old in Tel Aviv

Published on 04/23/2018 by admin

This Thursday, the State of Israel will turn 70 years old. And like every year, this day is full of celebrations, from street parties to official festivities. But this year, for the 70th anniversary, it is going to be even more special. Follow our guidelines if you want to celebrate Yom Hatsmaut like an Israeli!  


Watch the fireworks

Where? At Rabin’s Square, a symbolical place of Tel Aviv

When? On Wednesday evening, at 9 pm

While firework will spread into the sky, giant screens around the place show clips of Israel throughout history. A beautiful and moving moment!


Join a street-party or a rooftop party

Where? Everywhere in the city!

When? All night long, from Wednesday evening to Thursday early morning

Street raves and rooftop parties are part of Israeli culture, and especially during Yom Hatsmaut. For a rooftop party, you don’t need to be invited, simply follow the music!

The street parties will take place on Rothschild Boulevard and in the Kerem Hateimanim neighborhood.


Explore Tel Aviv through the Trail of Independence  

Where? The trails start in front of Rothschild 1

When? From April 18

Starting at Rothschild 1, the 10-stop walking route will take its visitors to the most significant monuments, displaying the nation’s cultural heritage and telling two stories: the birth of Tel Aviv in 1909 and the birth of Israel itself in 1948. With a unique mobile app, information about each of the 10 heritage sites will appear on your device, explaining its historical context and background. The app is available in Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.


Attend the air show

Where? On Tel Aviv’s sea front

When? Thursday at 1:15 pm  

Applaud Israeli air force from the beaches of Tel Aviv. Like every year, they will perform flyovers and acrobatics in the sky! A must-see! An insider tip: go to the beach before 1:15 pm to find a good spot and admire the boats going out to the sea.


Participate to a barbecue

Where? At the Yarkon Park

When? On Thursday, from noon

Meet your friends at Yarkon Park with some meat, vegetables, and a small charcoal grill. Don’t forget to pack your nafnaf (a cardboard fan)! Enjoy!


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