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The best Purim of your life : In TLV !

Published on 02/21/2018 by admin


In Tel Aviv on March 2018? Plan the best Purim of your life!

Purim is one of the most widely celebrated Jewish Holidays in Israel. Happy, fun, colored, Purim is a festive time that gathers religious people just as well as secular ones. In a nutshell: Purim means costumes, street parties day and night, shows, presents and feasts.

Symbolically, Purim commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from Haman, royal vizier to King Ahasuerus in the Persian Empire. He wanted to kill the Jews but his plans failed thanks to Mordecai and his cousin Esther, who had risen to become Queen of Persia. The day of deliverance became a time of feasting and rejoicing.

Wanna join the fun? Follow these steps and get ready for the best Purim of your life!


  • Create or find your costume(s)


You have two weeks left to find an idea for your costume(s). You don’t know where to start? Head to Allenby, King George and Matalon Streets: you will find plenty of cheap clothes, accessories and wigs. If you are more like the crafty type, and want to design your own costume, you will find your luck on Nachalat Benyamin Street. There, small shops of fabrics, pearls and pompons go one after the other. But if you don’t have the time or the energy to create a get-up, check these special sales and fairs!  


  • Listen to the Megila


Every Purim, we listen to the Megila that tells the story of Ester and how she managed to save the Jewish people. You can listen to the Megila either on the street or in a synagogue where you can wear your costume!


  • Participate to a feast


Host friends or get invited, prepare something to eat and don’t forget to wear your costume! Be happy, celebrate, dance and drink until you forget everything!


  • Eat Oznei Haman


Get your ‘Haman’s Ears’, sweet triangular pastry filled with poppy seed, chocolate, dates, or apples. Try them all: you can savor them only once a year!


  • Offer food gifts


Known as Mishloach Manot, they are small packages with sweets that you can offer to your neighbors, friends and family. Make someone happy!


  • PARTY!


During 4 days, parties are everywhere and at anytime in Tel Aviv. Street-parties, rooftop parties, parties in bars, restaurants and parks, etc.: experience them all!

But the must is the official street party happening every year on the Friday at Kikar Hamedina!


  • Participate to the parades


If you don’t know where to go, just walk on the main boulevards of Tel Aviv: Rothschild, Dizengoff, Allenby and simply admire all the wonderful costumes. Israeli people can be super creative! Don’t miss also the Zombie Walk, another tradition of Purim in Tel Aviv.

In short, prepare a few costumes, celebrate with food, drinks and friends, and don’t forget to party!


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