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The neighbourhoods of Tel-Aviv

Lev Haïr neighborhood

Lev Ha’ir, as the name suggests, is the heart of Tel Aviv. Marked out by Rothschild, Allenby and Ben Tyion streets, it holds most of Tel Aviv’s activity. Stores, restaurants, bars, and fashion b

Merkaz Haïr neighborhood

Let’s go to Merkaz Ha’ir, the Israeli life in its natural state. Right in the center of Tel Aviv, Merkaz Ha’ir is also the home of various administrations, cultural institutions (Art Museum, I

Neve Tzedek neighborhood

Neve Tzedek is unquestionably the most beautiful neighborhood of Tel Aviv. Located between the animated Shuk Hakarmel, the elegant Rothschild Boulevard and Yafo’s entrance, this neighborhood uses

Kerem HaTeimanim neighborhood

There is one neighborhood that has never changed in Tel Aviv: the Kerem Hateimanim! Built more than one century ago by the Yemenite immigrants (‘Hateimanim’ means ‘the Yemenite people’), it�

Jaffa neighborhood

Welcome to Yafo! More like a little city than a neighborhood, Yafo whose port is one of the oldest in the world is the biblical city from which the modern Tel Aviv got built. A stay in Yafo is first