Welcome to Yafo!

More like a little city than a neighborhood, Yafo whose port is one of the oldest in the world is the biblical city from which the modern Tel Aviv got built. A stay in Yafo is first of all a travel in time but also a meet up with a surprising mix of cultures and the discovery of the new arty generation.

A bunch of artists set their workshops up at home on the ground floor and it’s rather common to see them work with the door open. You can get in touch easily and the exchange with the artist over a cup of tea is one of the daily facets of the neighborhood. If you live in Yafo, you’ll get to know the ancient neighborhood life, neighbors who help themselves mutually and invite each other over, despite the ages and cultures gap.

Yafo is also the heaven of urban explorers looking for treasures: between the old city’s paved back alleys – connecting the port to the square Kedumim from where the view is amazing – and the Shuk Hapishpishim, the must-see antics market of Tel Aviv, you won’t go back with empty pockets.

At night, the port lights up and gets going thanks to the popular fish restaurants (Itzik Hagadol) and the renowned venues (The Container).

By the way, Yafo does not lack of original activities: the Mayumana show offers an artistic performance of dance, music and theater, but if you like living on the edge, go experiment the diner in the black at the BlackOut restaurant of the Nalaga’at Center.

Renting an apartment in Yafo for the holidays?

Sipping your cappuccino or your organic juice on the terrace of one of the small coffee shops, unearthing unique objects at the Shuk Hapishpishim, discovering the workshops of young artists in the Noga neighborhood, brunching on Friday in a festive atmosphere, swimming at the Cassis beach, stopping at Abu Hassan, one of the best hummus in Israel, savoring a malabi (a middle-eastern panacotta) as a desert, getting lost in the lanes of the old city and quenching your thirst at sunset…each step in this city clearly means a new occasion of discovery!

Renting an apartment in Yafo gives you the chance to live day-by-day in a special place, between middle-east tradition full of history and creativity looking at the future.

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