Neve Tzedek is unquestionably the most beautiful neighborhood of Tel Aviv.

Located between the animated Shuk Hakarmel, the elegant Rothschild Boulevard and Yafo’s entrance, this neighborhood uses well its name that means ‘Oasis of justice’. Neve Tsedek is a small urban village whose architecture, cultural heritage and relaxed atmosphere attract a lot of people every day.

Neve Tzedek is the first official neighborhood of Tel Aviv. Created in 1887 by a few families who wanted to escape the sewage problems in Yafo, it’s nowadays one of Tel Aviv’s boho-chic spots. It’s hard to believe then, that this neighborhood once a slum could have been knocked down if the Dallal family hadn’t transformed an abandoned school into a dance center in the eighties, and today it is the most famous one in Israel: The Suzanne Dallal Center. Architectural jewel, its Bauhaus central square is a must-see. We definitelyrecommend pausing for a rest or having a drink at the Dallal coffee shop, the Suzanna.

Other institutions such as Makom Shel Basar (meat restaurant) or Anita (Ice cream place) have also settled down in Neve Tzedek and are always crowded out.

Like a village, Neve Tzedek has its main shopping street, Shalom Shabazi, where small coffee shops, restaurants, fashion designers and craftsmen come one after the other. Open the door of those boutiques and you’ll find yourself in tiny places full of treasure troves. From Moroccan decoration (Art Morocco) to European fashion (Numero 13) going trough ceramics workshop (Samy D Studio), you won’t know from where to start!

Anyways, don’t be afraid to get lost in the narrow back alleys to discover Neve Tsedek’s secret gems and to make the most out of the neighborhood. It’s also the opportunity to get amazed by the Chelouche or Rokach Houses that have never faded.

Renting an apartment in Neve Tzedek for the holidays?

An apartment rental in Neve Tzedek offers a tranquility oasis in the middle of the thundering Tel Aviv. A stay in Neve Tzedek allows revitalizing oneself. But it’s also the occasion to discover architecture treasures and other urban wonders.