Lev Ha’ir, as the name suggests, is the heart of Tel Aviv.

Marked out by Rothschild, Allenby and Ben Tyion streets, it holds most of Tel Aviv’s activity.

Stores, restaurants, bars, and fashion boutiques: this neighborhood does not stop. Tel Aviv is the city that never sleeps and Lev Ha’ir definitely proves it!

Influenced by the culture and the spirit of the nearby neighborhoods (Kerem Hateimanim, Neve Tzedek, Florentine), Lev Ha’ir owes success to the mix of architecture styles: old, modern, dilapidated, renovated: you can find them all!

On one side, there is the noisy and messy Allenby Street that still has a certain appeal. There, old boutiques in which no one has entered for the last forty years stand next to trendy bars (Port Saïd, Tailor Made, Sputnik), cheap non-fashionable clothing stores and impressive historical buildings such as the Great Synagogue.

On the other side, the Rothschild Boulevard serves as the nightlife hub but also the spot of strollers during the day. The local people come from their adjacent offices and co-working spaces to sit at the kiosks for a quick lunch. The tourists and the walkers love to wander on the shady car-free lane of the Boulevard, surrounded by tall trees and splendid Bauhaus buildings.

In the middle, there are beautiful secondary arteries (Yavne), calm and spacious streets (Balfour, Ben Tsyion, Kikar Habima) and on your way, you’ll often come across architectural surprises (Ehad Aham), only a few meters away from the animated places.

For that matter, Tel Aviv lives around the clock: restaurants are always open at least until midnight, most of the bars and nightclubs have the last-customer policy and if you’re craving for chocolate in the middle of the night, you can always go to the street corner am- pm supermarket, open 24 hours a day. Don’t be surprised then, to see young people walking their dogs when you do your nighttime purchases!

Renting an apartment in Lev Ha’ir?

An apartment rental in Lev Ha’ir is the occasion to experience the big life hubbub in the heart of Tel Aviv. Mix of generations, of architectural styles, of day and night places: Tel Aviv’s most popular neighborhood surprises more than once a day and makes the heart beat.

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